Rushura Hill Trail

The Rushura Hill Trail is very enjoyably yet requiring some fitness hiking from the Buhoma park headquarters for about 5 hours in the jungle to attain its maximum altitude past a meandering trend of terraces, plantations and vegetation covers with lots of diversity of wildlife especially monkeys that may be spotted swing in the trees over your head, the duikers are also residents in the here not forgetting the colourful butterflies and birds as African Emerald cuckoo in the mix. The hiking may be quite tedious thus the success story is mind blower in that, upon arrival to the to you will capture uninterrupted panoramic view across the western rift valley floor, a spectacular scenery of clear Lakes Edward and Gorge with the channel, the Rwenzori Mountain snow capes as well as section of Congo’s conical peaks and Parc Nationale Des Virungas. This is time rewarding and one will truly appreciate the trial as the finest scenic encounter in the park given experience of from the two diverse countries of Uganda and DR.Congo.