Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest Lodge is a tremendous expensive accommodation unit situated in the isolated area along the borders of Nyungwe forest in the South- western part of Rwanda. This lodge is made up of 24 that are stunningly styled, self-contained lodgings with balconies that gives a very clear and attractive view of the forest canopy from one side of the forest and on the other side is a huge tea-plantation.

Nyungwe forest lodge is 5 star lodge with 24 rooms that are subdivide into 4 villas in additional to 2 executive suites that each with a private villa thus making it more beautiful for one to have enjoy a night there. The rooms have modern and beautiful decoration and some traditional craft works. After a long day, you can have the best moment at the deck as enjoying the view of the forest canopy.

From Nyungwe Forest Lodge, you can involve in all the activities in most of tourist activities and it doesn’t rotate around walking and primates trekking in the Park alone .there are other varieties of tailor made activities that are carried out upon ones request.

The lodge has got 2 dining areas which are well fenced with wooden materials and they all have comfortable chairs and tables that are placed around the fire place.it has got modernized restaurants, terrace where you enjoy your tea or coffee, teal lounge as well as the bar and meals can be provide at any of those places depending on which one you want.