Ndere Centre

Ndere Centre is the beautiful Family of Humanities, Ndere Group and headquarters of UDTA is constructed on 9 acres of well-maintained green, attractively flowered walk trails and sheltered by very mature fruit and other African trees. The erratic architecture is a entirely made of mixture of artistic creativity with ease that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to extraordinary heights.

The Centre is peaceful at its best which enables you to enjoy delightful artistic creativity, held your function corporate receptions, workshops, conferences, social parties, and many others in a most relaxing atmosphere, and inhale freshest air in and around place.

Ndere Ecological and Community Tourism is the best way to understand, appreciate and enjoy nature flora, fauna and landscape is through interacting with the people communities that have always co-existed with it. These people have over time developed customs, rituals, stories and music dances foods and general lifestyles that reflect the symbiotic relationship with nature and the reasons and methods for its preservation.

Ndere center has got the most exciting cultural performances  such as  the amazing cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from the 56 nationalities (tribes), weaves them with humorously informative stories and presents them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm, and Sundays at 6pm – an experience not to be missed by the entire family. For international guests to Uganda, this is the best introduction to Africa’s culture and ways of life, and firm bridge to your own country and culture.

The center is an accumulation of all Dance Music, and Drama addressing from different regions of Uganda and beyond. Amazing performances from Lugbar, Acholi, Karamajong, Baganda, Bagisu, Bunyoro, Banyankole, Batooro, Bakiga and the tribes beyond boarders like Banyarwanda and Barundi all conglomerate to deliver a faultless precipitate of the indigenous tribes of the great lakes region.

The troupes are dressed in indigenous outfit throwing their legs, arms, bending their necks, twisting their waist and demonstrating all sorts of dances marching along the drum beats sounds of flute among other instrumental sounds generating a typical African experience. Ndere center experience stretches beyond pleasure to informative and educative pieces that are aired out during the performance breaks most of which are directed at closing cross cultural differences.

Through NECT, you experience the rich and authentic Ugandan culture enjoyed directly through the interaction with the local communities through whom you will encounter an unforgettable and magical Ugandan adventure of scenes and game safaris opening the cultural gates to you.

The place has different trails that will lead to different directions such as the Kitanguriro trail that takes you through the south western Uganda for almost 12 days, Ntogoro trail that takes you through the north and western Uganda in 10 days and Imanalu trail that takes you to eastern Uganda within 5 days.

Ndere center also carries out food feats every week most especially during Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings, on all these days Ndere center offers a stable nostalgia and never ending desire of Uganda’s cuisine.

Entrance fees to Ndere center ranges from childhood to adults, all children’s both residents and non-residents children below 10 years pay 15000 and Uganda adults pay 30,000 and non-Ugandan resident pay 50,000.

Ndere center has got the relaxed serene accommodation which is very quiet, spacious and endless fountain of fresh air will give you the perfect holiday experience. Families and groups will find our cottages most homely and private. There is also an addition of w sumptuous breakfast

There are three different categories of accommodation amenities at Ndere Centre such as Chalets cottages  with three bedrooms well set to accommodate 6 persons but can take a few more, a sitting room and generous shared toilet and shower facilities at 60,000 per person, Ensuite single bed, double bed, twin bed or triple bed rooms at a cost of either 100,000 for single occupancy or 60,000 per person if shared and one traditional house with 2 ensuite rooms and a sitting room – either 100,000 for single occupancy or 60,000 per person if sharing a room.

Prices include VAT, bed and breakfast