Bikingi Gorilla Group

Bikingi Gorilla Group in Nkuringo Sector of Bwindi

Bikingi Gorilla Group found in Nkuringo sector of Bwindi Impenerfable National Park, is one of the gorilla families available for tracking.

The adaptation of Bikingi Gorilla Family started in 2012 as an exercise to followup on the disintegrating members of the Mishaya Group. Many individuals from the former Mishaya family were in the group with some of the non-habituated gorillas who were later brough on board for habituation to see how they faired the formerly adapted individuals. The group leadership of Bikingi is unknown since its undergoing habituation. Bikingi family has 15 members including a leading silverback, 5 fullygrownup females, 2 sub-adults, 2 young ones and 5 infants.